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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is showing increasing growth in development with many apps allowing the creation for creative augmented forms. Many developers are finding ways to make augmented reality accessible through web apps E.g. your web browser, but a single solution for all devices doesn’t seem to be quite finalised yet nonetheless it won’t be too long […]

Client Tutorials

All websites are different; some may be static which are delivered and stored as the designer designed them while some are dynamic and are designed using web applications. With dynamic websites giving users Client Management Systems (CMS) the client will need help understanding how they can contribute to their new site. The above video demonstrates […]


Donation Function

The Christmas swim 2015 required a simple an easy function for gathering online donations to raise funds for Debra Ireland. The one page site used a donation button that linked to PayPal to complete the donation transfers. This gave them a global audience to reach out to friends and family far away, which gathered donations […]

trends chart for CMS showing Wordpress in the lead

Trends in Content Management Systems

This is a report from w3techs which shows the percentage results for how websites are built. WordPress is dominating the content management market as it is very flexible to experienced web designers to style and customise, leaving it’s limitations to the designers imagination.

Sceenshot of big brand names that use wordpress

Why WordPress?

Why WordPress? It’s the most used client management system on the web, accounting for 25% of the websites and 58.9% of client management systems online ( With WordPress constant updates and endless plugins make it a great choice for your website.



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